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Reading Data Analysis With Open Source Tools



Data Analysis with Open Source Tools
Data Analysis with Open Source Tools

Recently I have been reading the book Data Analysis with Open Source Tools, by Philipp K. Janert. This is a book for anyone that is working with Data. Partly because of the big data buzz, partly is the work I do in Sinar Project. But this is not a book on big data, just data analysis in general.

Unlike other book that deals with data, this don’t cover specific tools, rather use tools as a example, and this books covers a few. But this book focuses on experiences and methods of doing data analysis.

The book have 18 chapter, covers a variety of topic, from statistics, to simulation, clustering etc. Each with enough theory to understand, enough insights coming from the authors experience, enough hands on from demo for us to pick up from there.

While this book don’t covers tools comprehensively, but the method, insights in this book make it worth keeping as a reference for doing data analysis.