Where can A Malaysian get Electronics Components

One of the common question from people interested in Arduino or doing electronics with the Raspberry Pi is where do I get components.

Here is a few places that you can get your components. I will only cover local source, not sites outsite Malaysia, though they can be a good source.

  1. Jalan Pasar at Pudu. Not newbie friendly, but it is a go to place to get components, but no arduino and raspberry pi though. You need to do your research before getting stuff there.
  2. Cytron, their online store have a very good collection of item, from components, to tools to dev board like arduino, pic, and raspberry pi.
  3. MyDuino is a local store specialize with arduino and drone, they also sell 3d printers. These folks are very active in the local arduino community.
  4. Element14 is also a popular place for local enthusiast.
  5. RS Online is also another of the popular one.
  6. Community site such as the Arduino Malaysia Facebook group on facebook occasionally have members letting their stuff go, it worth checking it out.

I only been through cytron and Jalan Pasar personally, the rest just from my friend that also into electronics.

I hope the brief guide can be helpful