Event in Late Sept and Early Oct

Late September and early October is a busy month for geeks.

On 21st Sept, there will be a Software Freedom Day, in UniKL

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On 24th Sept, there will be a python malaysia meetup. It will be held in fluentspace. Near Kelana Mall.

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On 29th Sept, there will be a google dev fest. It will be held in UCTI. The focus here is on android, html5 and google analytics

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On 1st Oct, there will be a geekcamp, that will be held on Itrain, near wisma mca. Thi is the the tech focus on event, barcamp style.

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This will be a busy period of the month, it should be fun

Accessing Server from Android

Recently I help maintain some server, sometime I tend to move around. So I decide to make my phone to be useful.

Android actually have a couple of app that is useful to remotely access a machine. Some of them is free.
For connecting to SSH, I found that connectbot works extremely well. It only does ssh and telnet, and thats about it. It is pretty straight forward to use. For accessing windows server, I use 2x client. Which again another another straight forward RDP client. Both connectbox and 2x client is free, and that is awesome.

The only issue on using android phone to access a server remotely is. I have a desire hd. While the screen is pretty large for a phone, typing command via ssh or, navigate around a windows server via RDP can be still a pain. It is still smaller that most desktop screen. And I don’t have a full size keyboard on the phone. Which is another pain especially I access linux server most of the time.

So it can be a pain to use at time. But for quick fix or checking on server. This work pretty well.

I attached some links for the app below

Many Ways To Grep File Content

So not too long ago I have posted on twitter

This spin to a few other way to do grep.
A few have suggested on IRC and facebook, the i parameter is to make keyword not case sensitive.

grep -iR keyword directory 

Another suggestion on IRC. 

grep -iR –exclude=file-to-ignore keyword directory

Another tweet i have receive is,
Then the last one I discovered on google is ack-grep

ack-grep keyword directory

and again, -i make case insensitive search.

ack-grep -i keyword directory

ack-grep output is nicer, and automatically ignore binary. It is slightly different than grep. But both get the job done., to me anyway