An interesting network configuration

The story started when my router is acting up. And my new modem is actually a router(with one port), and comes with its own dhcp server. ..

Either way, i am just lazy, so i just keep the dhcp server running on it.
Bad idea……
turn out that my wrt54gl aka my router, use the same ip, which is normal, because a lot of them use as the ip anyway. even though it is on the internet port, it still cause problem. I thought the internet port and the lan port is separate

the hack is, just just each of the a different subnet for router……
so if the modem is 192.168.1.x. then change the router to 192.168.n.x. just give it a different subnet.

And interestingly, i can access telnet to my router, from lan connection…..

My google wave robot

Not too long ago I got myself a google wave account. Which I got myself into a wave hackathon in GTUG KL. Which happens last month.

The result of a hackathon is google wave robot, called eventdator(I’m lousy at making up names):

What it does now is, it associate a event name with a date. Which stores in the appengine datastore. To use it:

1) Add the robot on the wave, address is [email protected]
2) The command to use is:

get:event name

then done
3) To set an eventĀ 

add:event name,eventdate,true

set true if it is a holiday. else false.

I still open to feature request. And I still figure out how to have a better interface, etc.