Thought on a merdeka day

It is 51 years since our nation Malaysia, receive out independence. Really, are we really independent?

– We are relying foreign country for cash, technology, hell even workforce.
– People are just following like a sheep. Blindly. Based on what people say.
– Everybody is afraid to try new things.
– Really, we are stuck in the past.
– We are arguing non issue, for heaven sake.
– Worst, politician is crazy for power. Some are making nonsense statement.
– Politician are paying lip service to initiatives, like Biotech and MSC.

For heaven sake, we got a country to fix. And we have only 12 years till year 2020

wesnoth sound issue

For a long time, since I use ubuntu hardy heron, i switch sound off, because it cause it to hang. Now I fixed it.

The solution is, to install libsdl1.2-esd. This would make the sdl library to use esd instead of alsa. And it works with pulse audio too. The command is

sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-esd

Malaysia now censor websites!!!!!!

Malaysia begin to censor websites, which is Which is unacceptable!!!!

I cannot believe the malaysian government is so backward in thinking. They block websites.

I cannot allow my country to follow a path of a police state. Not one, not ever.
I recommend that one should use annoynimity software like tor. TO protect themself.

Just finished the course

I finish the course, back to SCOPE on monday………………
Working on project, which is waiting to be assigned on monday.
And it involve “dinosaurs”, aka mainframe and cobol.

why I am expecting my quotation mark to be closed automatically, oh great, must be coding too much for the assignment