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set default java version on ubuntu

I runs on a 64bit ubuntu, which one problem, for some reason there is no 64 bit version of java plugin for firefox. It is not in the repo. So I took the opportunity to test iced tea. A java that is based on the java source code, since java is open sourced. But for some reason it doesn’t work.

I was trying to use tcgui, like from this howtoforge guide. The tcgui program, doesn’t work on icedtea, not sure why. One solution was to remove it.

Another is assuming that you have a sun-jre. Is by running this command, in terminal:

sudo update-java-alternative -s java-6-sun

To check whether you have the jre from sun

update-java-alternative -l

this will list out the jre, that is available. When you see, “java-6-sun”, then you have it.

p.s This I assume that you install java from repository, because not sure whether it will work if you install manually.