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Malaysian Wireless Broadband shootout,

Turn out that my server project going to be shutdown for the time being. I need the internet but there is no way I can ask streamyx to bring the network, to the dorm. So the next best thing is, wireless broadband. Which is surprisingly competitive, in term of pricing, compared to adsl broadband. The price is not that far apart. Since I’m either in selayang or KL, So the coverage should be there.

There is a few option
3g Internet
There is 2 main provider for 3g internet service, Maxis and Celcom. I used maxis, at home, in Selayang. The service is not that great, the uptime, is ok, but sometime, there is not service for half a day. And it is not that good. But price wise, it is competitive, you get Rm 68 per month for a 384k, RM98, for 3.6meg. The usb terminal, cost RM138, per month but can get 3.6meg of bandwidth, but it depends on the area. My friend test in the dorm, it is quite lousy, and the service at my home is lousy too, can take half a day for them to fix up connection issue.

Celcom provide similar package, but it is RM66 per month for 384k of bandwidth, which is pretty useless to me. Or another package is you get 3.6meg, which is RM98 per month. Which is suprisingly ok. But seriously, didn’t really try it, so can’t really compare the QOS. The thing is, their website, didn’t show their 3g coverage, so i can’t really sure, it is available at my home in Selayang. And it only show gprs, coverage. seems a lot though.

On the other hand, celcom own website shows 2 conflicting information, the main page, says it offer 3.6 meg unlimited usage, with RM98 per month, but their other pages shows that, it only offer unlimited usage for 386k, for RM66 per month which is true?

The alternative

Iburst, which is pre-4g, either way, izzi broadband offer it for one meg for rm 66 per month, but that is for the pcmcia card version, which my laptop don’t have. or RM 98 per month for the usb version still 1meg.

Price wise, it really not worth it, but since my home is covered, it seems not a bad deal, imagine we have iburst how cool is that(it’s a geek thing)