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What I really working on

I am currently with a local startup, which don’t want to be named. Our goal is to increase local usage of local content, to build a content company that conform to the local culture, and not letting the foreigner corrupt our beloved local culture!!!

We can’t really tell what we really try to do, we can however show our technology stack, which we all really proud of 🙂 and hopefully certain information minister would be proud too.


We previously use Ubuntu, because african culture is OK, until they plan to put in a music store. That shows that Ubuntu really foreign company that try to corrupt our culture, we cannot allow that.

After much consideration, we going to move to Linux From Scratch, so that we can really check what we want to add and what not to add. We must not allow the westerner have a chance.

Which hopefully we don’t need to rewrite an OS, because we really can’t, because the lecturer in universiti never taught us that.

Web development

We originally plan to use python and django, now we know, python is really named after Monty Python, and Django, is named after Django Reinhardt, a jazz guitarist.

Two western media that will corrupt our mind, we cannot allow a joke on Spam to ruin us, you know Spam is a serious problem, how can you make it into a joke?? Django Reinhardt is a jazz guitarist, malaysian must not listen to that, no we must watch wayang kulit and all malaysian thing.

To minimize that, we will use haskell, precisely with happstack. because it does not show too much of the western culture.

It is hope that by starting from the technical level, we can be a content company that is suitable for the local culture.

changed: droping the minister name