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Startup in 3 days aka #startupweekendkl2010

I got a chance to join Startup Weekend KL 2010 last weekend, thanks to Daniel Cerventus. The idea of Startup Weekend is to launch a startup within 54 hours. It is a place where aspiring entrepreneurs share and grow their idea, and hopefully launch a startup by the end of the program.

We start by sharing our idea on Friday and form a team on the same day. On Saturday we begin to work on our idea, with whatever we have, some work on presentation, some doing business plan, some codes. We also have visits from Mentors to guide us our way to the business . This continue until the end of Sunday where we will pitch to Mentors which already launch their own startups before.

I join a team called, We produce a webapp that recommend place for meetup based on a center point from 2 location. Our team is awesome in a way that we are one of the very few team that manage to produce a product in the end of the day, we also have a balance team, where we have techie and business guy.

What I learn on the day on startups.

  • Get a balance team, we got a combination of tech and business, builder and speaker.
  • Keep it small, so that we can focus, so that we can build it fast
  • Web api is free and useful, use it. It would be impossible to build findmiddle without google map, 4sq api and api.
  • Cloud based collaboration tools is free and useful. We use gdoc, dropbox, and google analytics.
  • Open Source Software is easily available, and is full of libraries. We use a php, jquery and php mailer.
  • Tech doesn’t matter, who can use the tools fast, rules. I prefer python, but we got 2 php guy in the team, so is on php. 
  • Web hosting is cheap, few hundreds Ringgits. Nuff said
  • Human attention span is short, make a pitch short and interesting. 
  • Talk is cheap. Implementing findmiddle is not without bumps, but in the end it worth it. 
  • Murphy’s Law is everywhere.
In the end, I would like to thank, all the organizer of startup weekend in kl. I have learn a lot, and it is a interesting experience. Sorry for the wordy story, I forget to bring my camera.

Learn more about startup weekend here

You can look at our slide here

Photo is here, thanks to vivian

We have a facebook group in

Our product is in