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Opinion after #CPB2011 II

From Amanz

Thanks to amanz, they have capture some pictures from the Open Day.

For Item 4. Why not just take existing certification and use it? Are Malaysia that unique?
(This is actually question asked by many during the open day)
For Item 5. I did not receive a straight answer on this.
For Item 6. How does creating an extra barrier enhance supply for manpower?
For Item 7. This is disturbing. Does it mean, that refusal to register make me untrusted?

I think this is troublesome

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Opinion After #CPB2011 Open Day

While from their mouth, the Computing Professional will be limited to govt, I still waiting for supporting document. And from their mouth again, it is a work in progress. Interestingly no one from mosti is attended.

Paraphrase from the discussion from representative, it is to i.e paraphrase from what I understand the word they say.

  1. Raise a standard of computing professional, both in education 
  2. and b) work 
  3. Because other country have a requirement in ISO for staff with certain requirement anyway. 
  4. It is before the requirement before the govt can sign the Seoul Accord, disclaimer I do not know what is the requirement for the accord, so somebody enlighten me please. 
  5. Add accountability
  6. And it will be limited to govt CNII project only.
  7. Everybody can apply to it
  8. For IT professional to be recognized globally?
For 1, I do not believe there is a need for a board to fix it. There is an accreditation agency for university already,  and they are not doing a very good job. What make them think they can do a better job? Chances is, if a university/college have a good curriculum, there is no need to create a board for the first place, market will grab them first. SO FIX CURRICULUM FIRST!!!!!
For 2. I am not even sure what professional means. 
For 3. I believe that , it should be in the SLA. Again not a board should decide it. 
For 4, I won’t comment, because I don’t know enough. 
For 5, to add accountability. To be honest, I don’t know understand how forming a board would help in that. There is contract, ain’t that more than enough?
For 6, during the meeting, there is no clear definition of CNII for the first place. Even though the representative is assuring us that, it will be limited to govt. Unfortunately in IT, it is interrelated. A big chunk of malaysian IT, is involve in govt project either in contract or subcontract. Even though it says in govt, if tools get adopted, does it mean it falls under their jurisdiction? How about stuff that is regulated, such as system that interface with bank negara? Does it count as CNII?
For 7, if everybody can apply, then what is the point then?
For 8, that is done by, create good product, open source or not. Again not by a board.
Extra stuff
What does the cert do, that normal cisco, microsoft and other cert doesn’t do? What make them less qualified that this
If everybody can apply a certificate, then why even bother? 
IT change fast, what the examination for it will based on. 
Personally, I believe IT is doing pretty well without any govt involvement. And from what I understand the justification during the open day. I still believe a board is not needed. And consider that many IT company aim for govt contract one time or another, it could spell trouble for industry in general. 
To be honest, after the open day, there is still more question than answers, many is unanswered. 
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