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Thus The Bill is dropped..For now


As from the link above, the Computing Professional Bill is dropped for now, asking for the industry to sort it out first. The war on it is not quite ended. One reason(or excuse depends on which side you pick) of the existence of this bill is the dropping of quality of IT professional in Malaysia, and the quality of project I suspect. Registering people will definitely not helping in bringing up quality.

If one of the measurement of quality is how much we knows. Then browsing the Malaysian job sites, I come to the conclusion that we don’t know that much. Almost all job revolve around .net and php, with a few php and c/c++. Yet we knows that the industry is more than that. I mean where is the job on python, ruby and rails or node.js, where the job for CMS’es?

Does it mean that the industry in Malaysia don’t know about it? Gone to local tech meet up, only a few that use stuff that is not PHP and .net. When people develop a buzz in nosql, or node or devops etc. Where is the Malaysian? Are there only that few people will blog about this? Are there only that few people that can go to the meetup, join communities? Are there only that few people in this neighbourhood that cares about this?

Maybe the real problem in IT in Malaysia, it is really just that most of the people involve in IT in Malaysia, don’t care. That even with help of a legislation, it doesn’t help improve it, but only to make things worst.

p.s This is very programmer specific, I apologize. But this is the group of people I have seen the most.

p.p.s Yes I know hack weekend exist, but there is only one hackathon in the whole Malaysia?