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another adventure using alternative os

one of the first practical exposure to unix, other than cygwin, is minix. even that is because there is a bochs image for minix. later i use linux. then forgotten about it for a while until, not too long ago i use minix3 on qemu.

now, since i have vmware with me so i decide to find minix image for it. which i did find it.

the thing about minix is that, it got the source code that i understand. it is shorter than linux, and smaller too. interesting place to see how the OS work.

this is the only OS that i have study the source code a little, other than linux. which i also study alittle on my free time.

minix just give me a nostalgia, i think that is the word i guess. first to give me some insight how unix work. first unix i exposed on. let say i’m going to have fun.