Python Malaysia Meetup April 2012: The Report

So I have organized a python Malaysia meetup in hackerspacekl last weekend. It is a good crowd, within we have developers that uses Django, Bottle and Plone to share their experience in using their respective technology stack.

The group is a diverse one, from experienced developer using python for sometime, to new python user. We have the usual introduction, then we have introduction to Python Malaysia.

Then a talk by Yours Truly, on experience of using bottle micro framework and pyes.


Then have a talk on Mezzanine by renyi khor


And Felix shows us how one can use to use tornadio to provide for django apps. Which is awesome, actually. Again no slide, but the repo is below

and Finally a talk by Khairil Yussoff, which is about Plone Dexterity framework, and also plone development in general. He don’t have slides, but he did hands on demo on plone development and how things work.

Then in between we have some networking session. Which is good, because this meetup is not just about Python, it is about the people that uses or want to try/use it. We have everybody not just the presenter that share their experience, which is awesome.

In the end of the day, this is a good event(I hope). But by July, will finally be updated, things will gone more smoothly for us.

Notes: A few times running an event I still can’t get it right. A few thing is missing is, video, proper photo, groups shots, etc. Maybe I should add a list.

p.s The next meetup will be on May 26, in MindValley, just beside Bangsar LRT station. Detail is

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