Attempt in translating the billwatcher

there is request to see Malay support on the bill watcher for +Sinar Project which things begin to be interesting,

  • we going to scrape the page twice, one time for english version, one time for malay
  • now we need to have a way to save 2 translation of the same bill title
  • in which I don’t want to use a new table in db for that, gettext exist for a reason
  • at the same time, we need to save 2 different url for pdf for the language too,
  • now not just we need support the language, we need to load these into elasticsearch,
  • because we have to support 2 language, we have to load into elasticsearch twice, one for each language
  • while telling it, “it is really the same thing”
  • and did i tell you we need to translate the html template too? which the bottle own template language don’t have support for that

Most is relatively easy, the bill title is tougher, things can easily go out of hand, if using gettext, not really the issue of size, the compiled database is pretty ok.

The most interesting problem, how to index multiple language in elasticsearch while referring to the same bill.

Bill Watcher is LIVE!!!!

Thanks to kaeru, bill watcher is finally live, you can find it in

What have changed:

  • Move to a buildout based infrastructure
  • Move to supervisor for starting up the web app.
  • Adding a service wrapper for elasticsearch, but elasticsearch is not controlled by supervisor,
  • Social media button!!!!
  • Moving code to use GPL for license
  • Change size of div to accommodate firefox view of pdf

The source code is at:

What next, bug fix, localization.