Doing ajax with django models serialization: jquery part

We have finished(somewhat) with our json source, now we can do ajax. With the help of jquery, we can use the data source to create something interactive. One of the key ingredient is the jquery ajax function, there is a few such as, $.post, $.get, $.getJSON etc. Here I use $.getJSON, because
Lets start with load data to a table from a json source last post. 
Loading data into table alone is not that exciting, and you can do that using django templates, but this shows a example of loading data using json

You can get the example project here

Software Freedom Day @ KL

Another year, another Software Freedom Day

I have registered a team for sfdkl, and the page is at

It will be held on 19 Sept 2010, a Sunday, at hackerspacekl

And with the help of hackerspacekl, i borrowed the space for software freedom day. Which is cool, because there is a few place to eat there.

What we plan to do

  1. Have a gathering of foss geeks on the day itself, 
  2. Someone will give a talk on the day itself
  3. Frag fest aka Lan party of foss game, in the end of the day, this is the only event that is confirmed
  4. t will also be held with a unix-g33kz session which  is part of hackerspacekl own project, while this is payed project, the rest of the event is not

What we need now, speaker, well attendee. And last but not least, participant for our Frag Fest(we even got a switch ready),
you can register on the google site page, add your talk there as well.