Happy Document Freedom Day

Have you ever
1) Cannot read a file after you switch a software,
2) as if you can switch software
3) Someone send you a file that you cannot read,
4) Not without a proprietary software
5) assuming that the software is still available,

This would not happen if everyone stick with Open Standard and Open Documents.

  • If the software not available for a variety of reason, people can build a reader/writer program to read your file
  • A vendor will not take advantage of you, aka over pricing software etc
  • A file(pictures,email etc) belongs to you, don’t let people stop you from reading it.

So tell your friend, your co-worker, your boss, family, everyone about the importance of Open Standard, and Open Document.



First thing first, i forget to bring my camera along, EPIC FAIL….
so bear with me

For those that follows TED, TED is a conference with the tagline, Idea Worth Sharing. TEDx is a TED, but independently organized. KL already have 2 TEDx, this year it is held in Microsoft Auditorium in KLCC, which have a fantastic view of KL(sorry no pics)

This year the speaker comes from a variety of background, includes mountaineer, ceo, designer, teacher, etc.

One can’t help but immersed in the stories and photos of mountains climbed by Surech Kuppusamy.
Touched by Yvonne Foong on her story with Neurofibromatosis
Amazed at things Peter Nicols on helping the homeless + poor people in KL.
Entertained by Afzal Abdul Rahim’s eye opening talk on Malaysian Broadband.
Enlightened by the a few piece of history of Graphic Design in malaysia by Ezrena Marwan
Knowing how the mind works with Urmilah Dass
Look into the world via photos of Aloha Livina.
and finally a reminder of thing that malaysian should do by Pete Teo.

All the talk is enlightening, sure open my eyes to the world. It is certainly a event worth going. I am looking forward to the next one.

p.s To the organizer of tedxkl, nice work for everyone. Looking forward to the next one

From tedxkl

We got a good crowd down here, we have the usuals from barcamp malaysia. And interestingly a few guy from python.my

Then we have techies and other demography.

Things will be interesting here tedxkl

p.s sorry for no pictures, probably will link to someone’s.

btw the tag is tedxkl, the hashtag for twitter is #tedxkl