End of The Year Post: Part 0

This shall be the beginning of a little series of review on the end of the year.

Know what… lets throw away New Year Resolution. It never work anyway.
A little plan is helpful, but I don’t think, but I don’t think i will stick to it anyway.

Lets review what I have done, what I have discovered, how to make things better.

But that only start on the next post.

using pydot with twitter

Was bored today so, I play around with pydot with twitter api

The result is…..not nice, because
1) The image is large
2) This is a very simple experiment, so i only check my follower, nothing in depth.

and i will not post the image, because of size, and privacy reason.
so probably more of this coming soon

fun with pydot

I am finding a way to visualize some stuff I working on. Visualize some data.

So I stumble upon a library called pydot. Which is a python wrapper for the Dot language of Graphviz. Both is open source.

An example i am trying now, after I install pydot

import pydot
graph = pydot.Dot(graph_type=’graph’,font=’verdana’)
graph.add_edge(pydot.Edge(‘John Doe’,’person’,label=’is a’))
graph.add_edge(pydot.Edge(‘John Doe’,’missing’,label=’status’))


It is pretty good, as you can see in pydot.add_edge is to add edge, and you don’t need to create a node, because, pydot edge is defined by pydot.Edge(src_node,dest_node)

pydot is included in ubuntu repository.

the project page is in: