Is loving screen

So I got a job, which allows me to develop on linux…(w00t!!!).
Along the way, I have found screen….

screen is a full screen windows manager that, multiplexes several process. Usually active shells. As quoted from the man page.

The thing is, it is useful that, I can run several shells. Without actually have to open several instance of gnome terminal. Which is useful, because I use a lot of vim nowadays. And really have to open several windows just to have several terminal tend to be distracting.

screen is not hard to use, 
Ctrl-a + c        : to open new windows
Ctrl-a + n        : switch to next windows
Ctrl-a + p        : switch to prev windows
Ctrl-a + Ctrl-a: toggle between 2 windows
Ctrl-a + ?        : is the help(if you don’t remember the rest, just remember this one)

BTW I found that this is useful for my eeepc as well. Consider that, I found that console apps tend to save a lot of screen space…And too much windows open, then to be hard to navigate.

Learned how to use rsync

So I need to sync a folder between 2 computer my laptop, and PC.
So one way is to use scp, but I don’t quite want to replace the folder. Just files I created. I just want to make sure the folder is in sync.

So I play with rsync. Which track changes of the files, and transfer the changed file only. From what I understand from wikipedia anyway.

And what so cool.The command is similar to scp, or cp. So the command for rsync is:

rsync source dest #for files
rsync [email protected]:source-file dest #from remote host to local file
rsync src [email protected]:dest-file #from local file to remote host
rsync -r src dest #this is to transfer folder

So just change source with files, hostname with hostname or ip.

So another tools I learned as a newbie……

Linux Emergency: entering Single User Mode in fedora

So I installed ati driver on Fedora, BAD IDEA. Because, once you finish booting, you cannot even call virtual console like alt-f2.

Solution is to access Single User Mode. Then run the uninstall script.

Actually single usermode is not limited to this, it is meant to be used for some of the worst case emergency.

To go to single user mode
Once rebooted,
1) Go to grub menu
2) Select the option to boot into linux
3) Press a
4) it should shows something like this

kernel /vmlinuz- ro root=LABEL=/ acpi=on rhgb quiet

Just add “1” behind it

kernel /vmlinuz- ro root=LABEL=/ acpi=on rhgb quiet 1

5) Press enter

You should be able to access the shell as root without login. Now you can do anything to fix your problem.

This is dangerous,because you can access everything, yes everything. Enjoy!!!

lesson of the day: proprietary driver cannot be trusted……

So I finally installed fedora 11, upgrade using preupgrade. (YAY!!!)

So first thing first, DESKTOP EFFECT, then I check whether it is supported,
For open source driver, it support 2d acceleration, which is sad

So I got grab driver from ATI……Bad idea.

Installing is easy, but once I finish install, reboot, it render the system unusable.

Thanks to ditesh, on twitter, Problem is solved. That would be another blog post.

I still hopeful that open source 3d driver will be here. For the graphic card that I own anyway.

Job Hunt aka I’m Lost Edition

So I’m searching for a job, trying to find a job as a programmer. Preferably python, java(very rusty), probably php(not too fond of doing it, i can live with it) too

One interesting notes here is, there is quite a number of .net or vb job on job board that I found, with some java and php. Was hoping to find job on python. No luck there. Probably I should comes out with a statistic of this.

Comes a realization, I begin to wonder, should I just master a language because of a job, or I just master it for fun? Or rather, should I master a fun language, or master a language with more job opening?

In reality I’m pretty lost. And indirect pressure from family really sucks……

BTW, I’m ready to be hired. I know python, and django. I can do some java too, albeit very very rusty…

Fun at geekcamp!!!!

Last saturday is geekcamp. It is a camps for geeks, no entrepreneur, no internet marketer, and no social media people, just geeks. The camp is about technology, no marketing, just tech.

The talk ranges from iphones, to functional programming, web programming, clouds, etc.

The events is packed, while not unconference style, Kamal manage to bring in many people to teach us on some of the trends in technology.

I think that we should have more of such events, an events where techie comes in to learn, and teach, and stuff on technology. Specialized events for techie alone.

What it would be cool is, it span more days, not just 2 days. And where is the slides…..

msc open source conference

MSC Malaysia have organize an open source conference. MSC OSCONF, is the first such event organized by MSC Malaysia.

The talk
Overall the speaker lineup is good. There is a number of community that participate in this. From Ubuntu-my, fedora etc. They also have developer to shows the latest trend from the community. We have developer from Postgresql, from bsd community, red hat etc. Some of this folks is fun!!!!

We have good talk on various topic in open source technology. I really missed the python talk, something happens on the first day. Many shows the trends in open source. And the keynote is awsome. I wish to see more.

Lightning talk is some of the best talk, better than the talk itself. The topic tend to be intermediate. And surprisingly good. Cyber merdeka is the best one, among the lightning talk. Map reduce. and it is can be funny at time.

A bit of comments
MSC that organize such events have done a good work not just on speaker, but most of other thing. Food, the place is strategic, with public transport to everywhere. And they support local community, it is a good thing.

There is some issue on the internet connection. It is best in the future that TM NET, give proper service they PROMISED. It causing so many trouble, we almost not able to run the install fest. They only shows that our ISP is NOT able to provide better service to the community. We losing face.

Timing wise, it is a bit wrong, because such events should target the software developer community. And I don’t think that having such events on a weekdays actually helps. 

I think this event is good, wish that the next one, would be better in the future.

the links of the slide is here, thanks to En Haris, aka LinuxMalaysia

Random Thought of the day

Was at the myoss meetup, and we have  a little “Teh Tarik” session.
Some one was suggesting to me, why don’t you just get a grant from mdec to start a business.

Since IT industry in Malaysia pretty much suck anyway. That’s one reason why i am not quite keen to find a job yet.

btw will post all the stuff here. Real soon