9vx, run plan9 in a sandbox


Plan 9 is an interesting Operating System, created in Bell Lab. Essentially by people that created UNIX.
In my opinion Plan 9 is an interesting operating system. Because it is unix in extreme form. Where everything thing is a file. Meaning everything including the network interface. Like unix it means that, there is consistent way to access an OS resource. Don’t expect it to function like one. And don’t expect it to look nice. What really interesting of plan 9 is the internal and the design.
Previously you can either install Plan 9 natively on machine, or use qemu to run it. Which is not hard. But now somebody have ported Plan 9 to vx32, sandboxing library. Which is something like vmware. And is very interesting piece of software, but that is for another post.
Currently it runs on *nix, which include os x, linux and bsd. Go to the links.

Download it. To run it, in directory, you unzipped. in terminal type. ./9vx.Linux if you use linux. ./9vx.FreeBSD for bsd ./9vx.OSX for os x And Have fun then!!!!!

Fall in love with abstract shooter


I found this games on synaptic. Which is interesting, because 1 it is a 2d shooter. 2 it is really different. And did I tell you it is free, as in free beer and speech.

It is a game by Saba. He is a game creator that create game, that is simple. And with very interesting graphics too. Not to mention very fast pace.

A few game that I will actually recommends is:
1) Gunroar which is a shooter, with you as gunboat. Sinking enemy fleet.
2) Tumiki fighter features a world build on toy building blocks.
3) Titanion, is a game ala gatagga. just more fast pace, and more nicer graphics

Linux gems: pkill

I have been playing this game, tumiki fighter, and gunroar. Which is really an interesting game, but that’s another story. What really sucks is sometime it is hard to close the program.

Previously I do this way.
In terminal I type:

ps -A

kill -9 proc_id.

On the other hand, there is pkill.
Which is useful, because instead of process id. We can kill process via program name.
And it is like kill too.

So to pkill a process. In terminal, it would be
pkill -9 program-name

or you can
pkill -9 partofname

Thought of my web accounts

I noticed today that, I am really into, the web 2.0 thingy. I mean, I have 3 social networking account, 2 active, and I swear I have more. I have twitter. I have tumblr(which I forget my password). I have 2 blog. And a few instant messenging account.

Some is useful, I have friends which uses facebook, the rest use friendster. I have those who swore by live messenger. And some stick with Yahoo messenger. I got overhead, when I have twitter. Which I am the only user among friends. Or secondlife, which I am the only one. I don’t have much friend who blogs. Though a lot go for forum.

The thing is, this is useful. But provided, one, you have other friends that use it. And probably that is the only way, to know, what is new among friends. But really, Second Life while cool, but, really to be useful, it is social in nature. Without friends join in. It pretty much meaningless.

Maybe this is a sign that, I really need a life?

Get Adobe Air working on Hardy 64 bit redux

Finally got adobe air working. And it is really not hard
It is from here the links below.

The big idea is, unzip your adobe air sdk somewhere. Then download some .air file.
then unzip the .air file somewhere. Then on console


So what twirl works,
doomi a to-do list, works with compiz on.

What happens…………………..

Here’s what I have been doing within last week:

– Was trying skype, after a very long time. Suprisingly works on my 64 bit hardy. But they give us the version 2.0, where as there is testing version of skype 4.0 for windows.
Which is a disgraced!!!!!

– Was trying to install adobe air. One it doesn’t work on 64 bit. And it didn’t even allow installation on 64 bit linux environment, even we have a 32 bit compatibility environment installed. And was trying on wine. Only to find out that twirl won’t work.

– On the positive side, there is an interesting plugin for facebook chat.
So far it is working. Wonder how it works…….

Opera 9.5 on Ubuntu hardy 64bit

Opera is one of the very good browser one can find, it is based on standard, and but proprietary. And have a few interesting features that others don’t have. Such as the speed dial

The older version of opera, do not have a 64 bit version. 

Now that, opera just release their latest version, now it have a 64 bit version. Previously I have to have a 32 bit compatibility environment. But now it work out of the box. 

Not much changes I can see really. It seems I missed a lot of thing. 


One thing I do like is, now rendering of certain page is correct. Which is good. And of course 64 bit support. Speed dial, that is one of the very nice features

One I don’t like is, the opera widget don’t really work, I wonder why. I kinda missed that, I save my bookmark directly to del.icio.us from firefox. But can’t do it in Opera.

To be fair, opera is unique in its own ways. It just that I missed one or two features in Firefox 3.0 in Opera, such as typing keyword in address instead of partial address. Compared to IE7. Opera is a lot better. At least I can save the page I visited, when I close the browser, like in Firefox 3.0, but unlike in IE7 that annoys me.

Suddenly the widget work again, facebook and twitter widget, that is certainly interesting!!!