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Ajax Chinese Chess

It’s actually not many computer chess game in the market. By then I’m quite ignorant on software written in chinese. It’s kinda fascinating to check out this game, since I study a lot of computer chess technique for my thesis. It’s also fascinating to see that, chinese chess is not quite solve. Which make it interesting to me.

Either way, here is a chinese chess, on ajax,

cutegod, a fun but laggy game

Yesterday, from The Linux Game Tome, a game got release. It’s called cutegod. It’s an interesting game, in a few way, one it’s from a prototyping challenge from .

And two, it’s written in c#, using mono. Which don’t happen frequently. On the positive side, you can run it on both linux, windows. And probably bsd, and mac os x too.

The storyline, you are a god, a child god, which your parents give you a small universe, as gift.
This universe, of course have people. Which have need, simple needs, which they try to get prayer. You as the god of that world(or universe) answer the prayer.

The world

The first thing you see in the world is, people and the tile. The prayer is in form of heart, in the speech bubble, Once you click on it, you should able to see a pattern, on the top left of the screen. Your job, is to rearrange the tiles, to fit the pattern. For every prayer answered, and the pattern arranged correctly, you will be awarded a chest with treasure of sort, and also a good graphics for what your follower come up with the land you rearrange. Here’s the catch, there is restriction on where you can put the tiles, which should be found easily, by playing around.

The result, of rearranging the world

Sometime this game can hang the system, kinda reminds me of beagle. By then it’s still in alpha stage. By then both is written in c# in mono. Based on my experience, Program written in mono, can be slow, on linux. By then, it’s based on beagle.

What’s cool: simple game play. Fun. Open Source. Cross platform, so there is windows version too.

What sucks: It have tendency to hang the system. Still in Alpha stage.

To get it:
A bit on the history

Last note:
1. To run the game
You will need the game, and the game data. Once you unzip the game, and unzip the game
data. Copy the game data, into the game folder.

2. Installation on Ubuntu

Before you are able to run the game on linux, few thing is needed. mono’s windows.form library, another is DevIL, Developers Image Library, freeglut. I think that’s all.
On ubuntu install this:

sudo apt-get install libdevil1c2 libmono-winforms2.0-cil freeglut3

To run the game, assume that you have both the game and the data(the Assets folder, should be in the same directory as the game),
Run the game using the perl script provided using terminal, it’s named cutegod.

mame game on ubuntu redux: kxmame configuration

Actually before you are able to run mame, assume that you already have a game.
you will need to configure kxmame. It would be under settings, directories

What next is to add the directory where you have your roms. For me I just create a folder called mame.

Once you get your rom, in the directory, copy the whole directory to the mame folder. Or what ever name you add to kxmame. and copy the bios file to the roms directory

mame game on ubuntu

One of the fun thing on linux, that i do is mame game.
mame emulator is in ubuntu repository for sometime, the interesting is, there is no frontend for gnome. But a very good front end for mame on linux is, kxmame.

to install on ubuntu, run

sudo apt-get install xmame-sdl xmame-tools xmess-sdl

to install kxmame just run

sudo apt-get install kxmame

here’s the catch, you need to find the rom yourself, and you will need to find the bios too

suprised to find warzone 2100 in ubuntu repository

One of the best game I played is actually warzone 2100, it’s not an new, actually it is quite old. Still It quite fun to play. And it is now open sourced. Which is cool. More importantly, I found it in ubuntu’s repository. Which means I can now install it on ubuntu by using synaptics.

I wonder how to get snapshot, when it is in full screen anyway.

To install warzone 2100, in ubuntu,
just type
sudo apt-get install warzone2100

for background information
warzone 2100 resurrection project