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network diagnostic using mtr

There is a few ways to diagnose network problem, and tools like ping, and traceroute, are indispensable for the task.

Here’s another tools that, is useful. mtr. mtr can be seen as a combination of ping and traceroute. When started it runs as a ncurses program. And what make it interesting is that, it shows the result, live. To me it’s interesting. There is 2 version in the ubuntu repository, one is mtr, another is mtr-tiny. The version I use, is mtr-tiny, which do not have x11 support. to install it on ubuntu, is a matter of
sudo apt-get install mtr or sudo apt-get install mtr-tiny

To run in is a matter of

mtr destination(could be address or URL)

or to leave ncurses, useful if you want to redirect the output to a file.

mtr -r destination

or to run on certain cycle

mtr -c 10 destination

or you can combine it

mtr -c 10 -r destination

What interesting is that, when I run it, I noticed some interesting stuff, my route from my home to google always changing. Maybe it just me.