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9vx, run plan9 in a sandbox

Plan 9 is an interesting Operating System, created in Bell Lab. Essentially by people that created UNIX.
In my opinion Plan 9 is an interesting operating system. Because it is unix in extreme form. Where everything thing is a file. Meaning everything including the network interface. Like unix it means that, there is consistent way to access an OS resource. Don’t expect it to function like one. And don’t expect it to look nice. What really interesting of plan 9 is the internal and the design.
Previously you can either install Plan 9 natively on machine, or use qemu to run it. Which is not hard. But now somebody have ported Plan 9 to vx32, sandboxing library. Which is something like vmware. And is very interesting piece of software, but that is for another post.
Currently it runs on *nix, which include os x, linux and bsd. Go to the links.

Download it. To run it, in directory, you unzipped. in terminal type. ./9vx.Linux if you use linux. ./9vx.FreeBSD for bsd ./9vx.OSX for os x And Have fun then!!!!!

Alternative OS Adventure: Haiku On kubuntu Qemu

In the last century, as in 10 years back, was an operating system, totally start from scratch. With the goal of being user friendly, multimedia capable. And in the process of development develop many new operating system concept. It is said that, it is one of the candidate for replacement of the mac os in the 1990’s. In the end they choose, nextstep, a type of unix, which ends up as os x

Unlike most system, the os is designed for modern, hardware, so it already have multiprocessor support, 64 bit journaling file system. Really, compared to most commercial desktop OS, it is modern.

Either way the company failed. The fan disappointed. And a few project to recreate the BeOS is created.

Here I use haiku. Which currently in alpha. First thing I see from the boot screen. Quite nice. And on qemu, it booted quite fast. By then it still quite new. Another thing is the shell. Don’t fools by it’s look, it is actually bash, the shell that is the same on unix.

The desktop is very simplistic, and the layout is different, but very nice. Ubuntu user get used to start button on the top left, and windows on the bottom. Windows on the bottom, and the start button on bottom left. Haiku is different, everything is top right.

Not much application on beos yet. By then it is alpha, and the disk image is just 26-27 meg. Not much here. By then there is a lot of demo to play around.

To run it on qemu on ubuntu,
get the nightly build from

get the raw disk image.
then unzip it, there is 2 ways to run it. one is using command line
qemu haiku.image

or you can use qemulator, like my previous post here.

p.s there is vmware image for use for well vmware and virtualbox

more resource on haiku