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Fun With Linux: bootchart

It is another day where I have a little adventure with my new toy, my eeepc 1000h. What I don’t satisfied is the boot time, I got around 40 second on ubuntu on ubuntu using the adam’s kernel.

So before to optimize, we need to investigate.

Bootchart is a way to show the boot process, in the end of the boot, you will get a chart, that shows the process.

To install on ubuntu

sudo apt-get install bootchart

The chart generated from the boot process, is stored in /var/log/bootchart. It is a png image.

So the result that I get, from my setup

It is one thing to know, now, how to optimise it?

Adventure with eeePc 1000h, using ubuntu 8.10 intrepid.

Got myself a laptop finally, it is a eeepc 1000h, comes with windows xp, the fun part is, I got it slightly cheaper than most, and 2 gig of ram, which added extra, also 2 year warranty, for RM1845. At lowyat.

It is a machine, that comes with windows xp, which I format it. And I install ubuntu on it.

Step 1:
Download ubuntu, then copy to a pendrive, using unetbootin. The instruction is on the page.

Step 2:
Plug in the pendrive, press  ESC key, when you turn on the computer, then select the pendrive, you should be able to boot into ubuntu.

Step 3:
Setup ubuntu, that is straight forward.

Step 4:
Now install the custom kernel. Using kernel. After this, the wireless should be working. And other hardware too, to be honest, didn’t test the camera.

Step 5:
Install the acpi script. Just to make it work nicer.

Step 6:
Now one more thing didn’t work well, the sound is not loud. Download the alsa upgrade script

Step 7:
Install netbook remix.

As you see, I didn’t use anything that is special, just use instruction from the web. And it works well.