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linux community promotional effort

What I noticed is there is a number of promotional effort by the Linux community in malaysia. Usually by the same group. In the malay language

Here is the links for their slide show in

They also have a video on how Ubuntu linux is used in the Parliment Office in Ampang.

Malaysian Ubuntu Kit

A member of the malaysian ubuntu loco, have comes out with a kit. Comes with a handbook, and packaged, it is meant to make it for most people to learn linux. And yes, it is meant for malaysian in general, which is why, it is in Bahasa Melayu, Malay language.

It comes with a booklet(printed in color), ubuntu stickers, cd and a casing.And it is RM 13.99.

More info,

Was with the ubuntu-my group

I use ubuntu for sometime, but never really been to the community. Not quite until now.

Today was with the ubuntu-my team, an interesting bunch. The agenda is about, what to do on that day.

So as usual, I volunteered. And like in uni, I got involve. Except in uni time, I work in the background. Now it could be different.

Love to get involve. It does make my live balance in a way.

Eitherway, we got interesting activities(IMHO anyway), during So staytune.