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ureka weekend: the end and thought

Miss blogging on the second day, because lose sleep the night before.

Either way, the conclusion of Ureka Weekends, means that another lesson

What I learn on planning

  1. It is very dynamics, plans changes all the time
  2. Or rather plans evolve over the time
  3. I really mean evolve, because plans need to survive
  4. to survive means it need to make money
  5. plan that makes money will survive over plan that doesn’t
  6. so interesting project alone don’t work, it need to feed us
  7. and flexible plan survive longer

What I learn from team

  1. A heterogenous team is better than homogenous one
  2. Means it is better to have a team with different skills
  3. Because it opens us to different way of thinking. 
  4. Horizons opens
  5. Sometime, having to rely a skill from a person only is tiring, so sometime having someone else with the same skills to complement rocks. 

What I learn overall

  1. Running a business, the goal is to make money. 
  2. While doing something we like, such as coding, just to ease the pain
  3. Job is still job.
  4. Once we got enough, then it will be time to be crazy. 

I think this is what happens