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msc open source conference

MSC Malaysia have organize an open source conference. MSC OSCONF, is the first such event organized by MSC Malaysia.

The talk
Overall the speaker lineup is good. There is a number of community that participate in this. From Ubuntu-my, fedora etc. They also have developer to shows the latest trend from the community. We have developer from Postgresql, from bsd community, red hat etc. Some of this folks is fun!!!!

We have good talk on various topic in open source technology. I really missed the python talk, something happens on the first day. Many shows the trends in open source. And the keynote is awsome. I wish to see more.

Lightning talk is some of the best talk, better than the talk itself. The topic tend to be intermediate. And surprisingly good. Cyber merdeka is the best one, among the lightning talk. Map reduce. and it is can be funny at time.

A bit of comments
MSC that organize such events have done a good work not just on speaker, but most of other thing. Food, the place is strategic, with public transport to everywhere. And they support local community, it is a good thing.

There is some issue on the internet connection. It is best in the future that TM NET, give proper service they PROMISED. It causing so many trouble, we almost not able to run the install fest. They only shows that our ISP is NOT able to provide better service to the community. We losing face.

Timing wise, it is a bit wrong, because such events should target the software developer community. And I don’t think that having such events on a weekdays actually helps.¬†

I think this event is good, wish that the next one, would be better in the future.

the links of the slide is here, thanks to En Haris, aka LinuxMalaysia