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lesson of the day: proprietary driver cannot be trusted……

So I finally installed fedora 11, upgrade using preupgrade. (YAY!!!)

So first thing first, DESKTOP EFFECT, then I check whether it is supported,
For open source driver, it support 2d acceleration, which is sad

So I got grab driver from ATI……Bad idea.

Installing is easy, but once I finish install, reboot, it render the system unusable.

Thanks to ditesh, on twitter, Problem is solved. That would be another blog post.

I still hopeful that open source 3d driver will be here. For the graphic card that I own anyway.

Sharing Keyboard and Mouse using synergy

Some time it is nice to actually able to share keyboard and mouse between my laptop and desktop. 
The good news is, synergy actually allows such functionality, and it give the ability to share the clipboard too, meaning you can drag and drop between 2 computer. 
To start using synergy

On ubuntu go to the menu

system -> administration -> synaptic to install it. Or you can just

sudo apt-get install synergy

On fedora go to menu
system -> administration -> add/remove software and search synaptic
Or you can just
yum install synergy

To start using synergy
create a text file called synergy.cond

Adventure with fedora: day 1

So I installed fedora. Not quite a new user in fedora. Just not use it as much as Ubuntu. Below is my fedora desktop, modified.

First thing I notice is that. It didn’t come with open office. Which is interesting. While I don’t quite rely on it. I pretty much do all of my work in office. They tend to be crazy when it comes to data security. Well, abiwords is there.

In a way, fedora sounds like linux few years back. When codec have to installed, third party repository have to be added. Which I could understand why. It just that ubuntu mitigate it by having a way to install it more easily.  And it applies to flash as well.

Packagekit is nice package manager. But a bit more simplified. Probably I just get used to synaptic. One difference is in ubuntu/debian, there is meta package to install group software. But on fedora it is group install.

But like linux nowadays, everything works well, in term of hardware. Except ATI is still a pain in the back. Linux is not hard anymore, from a guy who use linux for few years.

There is more to share on my observation on fedora. So there will be more to come

Installing ATI HD 3650 driver on Fedora 10

First thing first, I got a working Fedora 10 installation on my portable hard disk. Everything is fine. Don’t have full set of development tools. But it’s fine. Until I decided to install Radeon Driver for Fedora 10.

The end result, as people already knows long before. ATI on linux really sucks. Not just I can’t use the screen at all, it unusable. It will be hard to fix. For newbie, you may well just reinstall. Because you cannot use a ATI RADEON 3650 HD on linux.

What I discover.
1) Fedora 10 really works very well, without 3d driver from ati.
2) Fedora 10 don’t have xorg.conf anymore. It does make driver installation interesting.
3) ATI documentation really sucks at telling what to install reall.
4) To fedora user. What is the equivalent of Build-Essential on fedora anyway?
5) Next time, I will avoid ATI, until somebody ported open source 3d driver for the cards. So I should aim for those card with open source driver.
6) Is there a way for me to login to graphic safe mode, when boot in.
7) I don’t know what I did wrong the ubuntu installer can’t seems to detect my portable hard disk for installation.
8) you cannot use a ATI RADEON 3650 HD on linux.

I think it is interesting adventure today. Only to remember I don’t need to format the installation(Which I already did). I just need to go into virtual terminal and remove the driver(EPIC FAIL!!!!!!)

Yeah conclusion. ATI SUCKS ON LINUX