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The story of Bad Browser, Botched patch, and software Conflict also DRM!!!!

I have a confession to make…….
I am a gamer. I like games, and actually spent cash to get legal copy, to “support” the industry. And for certain game, it is worth it. Like most commercial games, it runs windows, and require proprietary software like IE and Windows, to work.

Of course, what happens in the last few days is this. I bought Spore Galactic Adventure, and it requires me in apply certain patch. Which breaks the game.

Actually that is just the beginning, turns out that the updater need to run with IE, which is a bad thing, IE 8 on my desktop, can run flash, but everytime I restarted, it requires me, to reinstall flash again. And the updater from EA, need IE to run!!!
Just embrace the defacto standard already!!!!

Along the way, I try to update the driver from ATI. First it turns out that, it conflicted with visual studio express I install long time back, from microsoft. I have to remove the visual studio express, old version to install driver. The solution is not even obvious!!! I think it is really crazy, that this happens.

Then finally, my brother want to borrow Red Alert 3 from me, to borrow his friend. Then I can’t give it, because it is copy protected(OK, I want to play it). So now I still trying to explain copy protection……The fact you cannot share stuff is really counter intuitive..

Maybe it just me not getting used to windows, or this guys really sucks in term of quality. I mean, it is strange enough that driver don’t update itself. Old installation of visual studio affect software installation? IE that don’t play nice with anything……..

GPL Code Statement on my router

My house modem got fried, so get a new one I have. While I don’t expect it, it comes with a GPL Code Statement. Sure make me wonder whether it runs linux or what….

Btw the model is Dlink DSL-520B(Mounted on my WRT-54GL(another router running linux)..


What i am really curious is, how many hardware in malaysian market is running Open Source Software, as in using Open Source Software within their hardware(aka the firmware?) And how many comply with GPL….

Job Hunt aka I’m Lost Edition

So I’m searching for a job, trying to find a job as a programmer. Preferably python, java(very rusty), probably php(not too fond of doing it, i can live with it) too

One interesting notes here is, there is quite a number of .net or vb job on job board that I found, with some java and php. Was hoping to find job on python. No luck there. Probably I should comes out with a statistic of this.

Comes a realization, I begin to wonder, should I just master a language because of a job, or I just master it for fun? Or rather, should I master a fun language, or master a language with more job opening?

In reality I’m pretty lost. And indirect pressure from family really sucks……

BTW, I’m ready to be hired. I know python, and django. I can do some java too, albeit very very rusty…

Random Thought of the day

Was at the myoss meetup, and we have  a little “Teh Tarik” session.
Some one was suggesting to me, why don’t you just get a grant from mdec to start a business.

Since IT industry in Malaysia pretty much suck anyway. That’s one reason why i am not quite keen to find a job yet.

btw will post all the stuff here. Real soon

Leaving Jurassic Park aka Scope International

Today will be my last day at work.

Finally I’m able to say, good bye to the Dinosaurs in my work. Tech Dinosaurs and other Dinosaurs. So long to cobol, bye-bye mainframe. Nice to meeting you all, probably this will be the last meeting. You all will (NOT) be missed.

Honestly Cobol, I really cannot stand you have only Global Variable, not to mention horrible syntax. Who On Earth still use “move data into variable” in their code or have a full sentence as a loop like “perform x until y is equal to z”.

Mainframe(System-Z), you’re a strong guy. But really having to run program via batch is pretty crazy. And you suck at giving me place to write script. Suck at automation!!! What On Earth is the 8 Character limit. JCL is use in batch, but WTF with the syntax!!!
Maybe one thing I really say goodbye to. Is probably bad working culture, and over specialize in a software package, instead of fundamentals. Or probably working in something I am not passionate on. Or being treated like a robot…

Technical speaking, there is still thing that I can bring back. REXX is one, it is promising as my other scripting language, with port on linux and windows, and with special features such as integrating os utils as part of language. That I can use.

Others is experience involve in a role in maintaining large software, probably even testing itself. Rather how not to screw up, hard. And understood that it is really a pain to use a legacy apps. And needs of automation.

Really I learn how to please your subordinate from my line manager. And contact of my lunch buddies.

Really I wish to say goodbye to someone, but i leave the idea off. Hopefully it should not be long for me to forget about her. As I have tonnes to work on.

screwed up internet in malaysia

I rediscovered miro, like last. Which is a very cool open source apps, that subscribe to video feeds, and download it for our viewing features.

But of course, there is one problem. The thing is there is plenty of interesting stuff to watch, from feed from Revision3, Discovery, Make, TED, etc. And really the video is not small. Quite a number of it is around > 100 megabyte. And because I only have time on weekends, so I do it in  batch.

That’s where problem comes. You see, TMNET, is giving substandard service, worst we still stuck with slow speed, around 100 Kilobyte. So it could take me like half a day to download it. And last time, I use maxis 3g, it gives Bandwitdh limit of 3gig. My download already taken half of it already.

I mean seriously, it is about time, for someone to actually fix the ISP or network malaysia. I mean, with many (legal)content online. With organization actually provide online videos. We cannot keeping thinking that 1 megabit is enough, it is not. And we cannot actually 3gigabyte limit is enough for everyone.

With the number of media, online, it probably not enough, for most people. This is not the 90’s where people just use the web for emails, and searching. Videos is online, song is online, software is online, finally even documents is online, etc.

Really I am just sick of have to wait for the whole day just to finish a video.

Shopping for laptops(FINALLY)

I know, it is late for Christmas, but finally I afford to get a notebook finally.
Now choice, choice, choice and choice.

Requirement for my lappy involve.

  1. Can run linux very well, or rather linux runs on it well. 
  2. Screen must be big enough
  3. Hard disk space big enough for external libraries.
  4. And around RM2000. 
What I have in mind, is eeepc 1000. Considering other option like aspire one, etc. 
Think, Think, Think

My Quest of (web service) Convergence

So my quest of web service. Goes a step further. Somebody among my circle using Which is interesting. Because it finally do something I really need. It have

  1. Post statuses to several of my social network, aka facebook, friendster(which I rarely use), etc(Blame on my friends) and not to mention and twitter
  2. Actually update my old blog
  3. Not to mention my links to delicious, and announce it to the world
  4. of course photo from flickr.
  5. and let me do it from a chat client too.

But there is a problem, Not all service is covered, because now i use picasa web too. But it is ok, it covers almost all that I use. Also it is a updates service, so it is pretty much limited to that. But I can save a lot of time, updating the services that I use.

Toilet Model For Public Wifi

An article by linux journal. On using pay toilet model for public wifi.

Which to me is interesting because. Public wifi is everywhere, and so is public toilet. The only difference is, we can’t really pay for cheap labor like the janitor for sysadmin. By then, a sysadmin can be at multiple site, using ssh.

At shopping mall, at Malaysia, some of the toilets is free. I wonder how it would work, here.

Post on “Protecting” Software, from a forum

This is a link, to a thread in a Malaysian forum. Which is chinese BTW.

Basically the thread starter is asking how to “Protect” a software so that it will not be “Pirated”. Which people suggest measures like Patents and DRM device(On USB!!!). Which I think is crazy, because any added cost is not a good thing. Because this actually add more cost on your software. And customer being treat like a thief is not a good thing.

I don’t say that the DRM device is NOT secure, NOR will I say it is secure. I just say that it is not necessary.

It also shows that people still think the approach of selling software is selling by the box. Which I think is wrong. If my knowledge from my work is an indication. Software vendor don’t just get away after selling the software. There is more work to do for them, support service, training, customization, update………….
Even for desktop software, antivirus actually selling via subscription, and any software will need updates.

Or maybe I misunderstand the thread question, maybe it is about protecting code. Which come to a question, is the thread started afraid of reverse engineering. Which I don’t really see as a threat.