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BarcampKL is back 2010

Barcampkl is back to town, and this time it will be held in Segi Summit USJ on 24-25 April 2010. 
Barcamp for a uninitiated is a ad-hoc conference, where people share topic of their interest. and due to the origins of barcamp, it tend to be geeky in nature. 
This year barcamp will feature topic to be voted by the participant, and we have dedicated track for and social media club KL aka smckl
BarcampKL is free to join, come join us on that day, 
for information
twitter hashtag #barcampkl
and register here

Will be busy ‘camping’ on the next few weeks

There will be a 2 barcamp activities for the next few weeks,

Startup Camp will be on 22-23 November, will be held is Plug and Play center, in the Gardens Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur, for Global Entrepreneur Week. The focus of this camp, is on entrepreneur. Well it is a Global Entrepreneur Week.

BarcampJB will be on 6-7 December, in MSC Cyberport, in Johor Baru. This will be the second barcamp held in Malaysia. And it will be a sleep over too.

In the spirit of barcamp, it will be organized by volunteer. And it would be an interesting event. So register while registration is open. I will be there too.

What happen in last week…………………

I am in Singapore, helping a friend, visit my cousin. So not much weekend hacking……… So code this week.

My lappy almost fried, hp refuse to replace my laptop motherboard because of a crack that should not exist, but sometime, I have cable stuck inside, so I have no choice, p.s I still pissed. It gonna be hard to do some work now. Because my dev tools on the laptop, my desktop is not quite capable yet.

Which means, I will need to get a desktop, still researching, what I need is, not quite a work horse, but must be capable to compile codes, and running a small server and virtualization. A amd with 2 gig ram, 160gb hdd and above, geforce is nice. Basically anything that is around rm 2000-3000 would do.

On other note, the barcamp guys is alive. Or so it seems after I meet them during buka puasa dinner, I cannot believe I didn’t take pictures. And guess what!!!! Barcamp is here soon, and the Johor barcamp will be around november, penang unknown. We going to have one again in KL, around december.

And lastly, is on soon. That is another post

Barcamp Malaysia: Day 2. Final until the next barcamp

Final is interesting. I am chilling most of the time.
1) Open Source The way forward.
Ditesh Kumar have a good talk in Open Source in Malaysia, and many things i don’t know is there. And good introduction to the open source community.

Make me want to join the community more. 

2) Mathematics in The web
It is a bit on the fails sites. Maybe there is not enough explaination, and very philosophical. Maybe not many familiar with advance math involve.

3) Lightning talk
Why my attempts in Stand Up Comedy can be describe in 2 words. EPIC FAIL!!1!!!!
Many have shared their knowledge and adventure. Some with p0rn stashing, some in RPMs, some in open source electronics designs. It is good.
 And the Parody of Web 2.0 By Eugene. IS VERY GOOD!!!!

I hope to join more of this, activity. To the Barcamp Team Nice Work

Barcamp Malaysia: Day 1

Basically the event for day one works quite well. And Some events is pretty intense. Of Course there is many interesting people to look out for.

The Events(That I got in)
1) Introduction to Android Platform
Generally the speaker is able to give good information on android and experience. But unfortunately in wrong time. And really, while it is very nice feature, I think I will wait and see on android before looking for a mobile platform

2) The OpenMalaysia Blog story
Love the presentation, and also one of the most intense. It explains what happening in the odf standardization process in malaysia. And the future of the blog. Looks like tomorrow we have interesting open source session.

Got a lot of open source user there too.

3) Mobile Future.
It is very general, but the N95 is cool, lack the wow factor still, cool. Leave a lot of question unanswered. But it is ok.

4) The Blogging in Malaysia.
Not much happening, more on discussion.

The People
We have problogger, like Hong Kiat, and LiewCF.  Not to mention Josh Lim of Advertlets.

Many Web developer. Not surprisingly a lot of PHP developer. But the organizer Kamal is a Ruby Developer. Azraii, is a secondary school student, and he can do Django, with his project. I will say keep up the good work.

We have startup, web 2.0 style.
We have very good idea around, and very nice to talk about their idea.
Have to say, they are passionate. And some are very interesting product as well. Not to mention interesting problem.

The Bad
We really need wireless internet to properly qualify to be a tech event. But otherwise, it is pretty cool.