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Open Source Conference by

MOSC 2010 is a open source conf organized by It will be held in  29th June to 1st June 2010) Like last year it will be held in Berjaya Time Square. Which is cool, because it is very accessible via public transport.

This year conference will have participation from a few key open source player, Red Hat and Novell is there, also a representative from the Linux Foundation will be on the conference as well. The community is represented by, joomla, OWASP, wordpress, and a few others. 

This year talk have more variety than last year, it covers talk from Cloud Computing, to Security, to Uses in academics. There will be a few mini events within mosc 2010, such as Milking The Cloud competition by Microsoft, and Gecko Moving Forward by Novell. Of course there will be many community events from joomla, and wordpress among others. And not to mention show case a foss project in malaysia. 

This year conference will be a interesting conference to look forward to. And this year, I will wear a difference hat in the conference. 

Btw Check the link for more information

Malaysia Open Source Conference

Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010 Organize By