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Was spending my day yesterday I should spend my time on talk. But I spent too much time on ubuntu booth. And got too tired at the same time, I wonder why.

p.s Remind me to take my camera today………………….

Was with the ubuntu-my group

I use ubuntu for sometime, but never really been to the community. Not quite until now.

Today was with the ubuntu-my team, an interesting bunch. The agenda is about, what to do on that day.

So as usual, I volunteered. And like in uni, I got involve. Except in uni time, I work in the background. Now it could be different.

Love to get involve. It does make my live balance in a way.

Eitherway, we got interesting activities(IMHO anyway), during So staytune.

I love Python

Python is a programming language, well known to have battery included. It is also full of features, and able to used in many places, from web development to game development, with the ability to extends using c and c++, the possibility is limitless.

How I use python, sometime, I try to code something, to play around with api’s.