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Python Malaysia Meetup Postmortem

A.K.A How to run a geek event in Malaysia

After the yesterday’s Python Malaysia meetup, here is a few thing I want to try up, or keep on using for future event

  • Malaysian tend to be late, so always put the time a bit earlier, at least 30 minute ahead, that is the usual time for Malaysian to be late
  • Half of the user do not attend, even though they have registered on eventbrite. What I want to try next time is, try charge money for the next event. The money will goes to pizza
  • The event is a bit bland, some suggest a full day just for Python User Group Meetup. I try to run it like most other python user group, one topic per meetup. Bigger event also harder to run. What I might test out, is having a lightning talk for each meetup.
  • We have our networking session in a mamak, we ends up using 2 rows of table. It is not a bad thing, though table kinda limit movement, maybe next time, we order pizza(Go to point 2). It is nicer for everyone have a chance to talk to each other
  • Python Malaysia need a proper website, not everyone using facebook. Even though most go from facebook event page to eventbrite page. Still it is a nice thing to have.
  • Location matters!!!!! ITrain is just the right place to have an event, in the middle of city, accessible via LRT. Car park can be a problem though. It helps to bring more people in, because of the location.

Btw, there will be another meetup, but that is next month.