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yesterday, was playing with geocities, the java applet based editor not working. tripod, web based editor, is clunky, need a lot of reload.

now i try freewebs, which features ajax based editor, like google page edit. and have widgets. and what I like, i am able to integrate youtube, unlike google own web page editor. and able to load from photo bucket. again what google did not offer.

What is similar, unlike geocities or tripod, i didn’t see a html edit, for me to insert javascript, it can insert html, but on certain, section. unlike google page creator, i can preview what i have place for the custom html.

so we have our self a winner here? not quite, for one, i can’t have my custom javascript, easily. it still didn’t integrate well to my flickr, meaning, i have to do things manually. and it still a bit limited.

been playing around with free web hosting

Not too long ago i play around with google page creator, after finding it a bit limiting. So I try another free web hosting. First thing first, last time i created a webpage is in my 1st year in the university. 3 years back, so it is really sometime.

First thing i noticed, it turns out that, now web based, wysiwyg tools, is quite common. And 2 packages i tried, now comes with, add-ons. But unlike google’s own gadget seems a bit limited. Also they have a html edit, which is interesting, and flexible too.

Let’s start with geocities, I tried with the free package, since, i don’t really have cash with me. Now , first impression. The page editor don’t work, because there is no 64 bit version of java plug-in. And it need java to run. On the other hand, it have a web uploader, so i can create on desktop then upload it. It also integrates with yahoo 360. Which I stop using for sometime, other seems cool. But it got only 20 meg or disk space to use.

Then move on to tripod, pretty much the same with geocities, except it doesn’t have yahoo 360 integration, not that i need it anyway. On the other hand, the page creator works quite well.

Now to take time to play around.

google page creator.

This is the beginning of my holiday, I’m bored. And lazy.

So I started a simple project, playing with google page creator. It is a product from google that targets, ordinary people. So since I pretty much free anyway, so i created a website for the Chinese community in the College. Here, any sorry for the site for being a bit lame.

The thing is, this project is really target ordinary people, so basic stuff is easy. It features anWYSIWYG editor to edit you page. A set of template, to make page nice. To spice things up, google provide gadget. Which is the same thing you see in igoogle. It does make things easy for most, but sometime it just look strange.

What sucks, doing stuff beyond basic is an hassle, for one you only see html of part of the pages. Not the whole page. Some have issue with javascript. but there is work around. And like most free hosting like geocities. There is no scripting support, so no perl, php or python. And there is a set of template, but it is limited.

The verdict, doing the basic stuff is good. With a WYSIWYG web page editor, how hard could that be. But doing stuff beyond basic is a hassle. Maybe it is not a bad idea to check for other options.